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“Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do”
Potter Stewart

Logo for the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl

The Cincinnati Ethics Center sponsors the University of Cincinnati’s undergraduate Ethics Bowl team, established in 2020.

UC’s team is drawn from students taking the elective PHIL 3015 Ethics Bowl course offered by the Philosophy Department in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Course Description for PHIL 3015

Logo for the National High School Ethics Bowl

The Cincinnati Ethics Center aims to increase participation of Cincinnati region high schools in the National High School Ethics Bowl program

Founded in 2012 The National High School Ethics Bowl is a program that promotes respectful, supportive, and in-depth discussion of ethics among high school students nationwide.

The Cincinnati Ethics Center to provide free lectures and workshops designed to help students appreciate the connections between ethics and the things they care deeply about.

Lectures and Workshops will be conducted by Dr. Andrew Cullison. Possible topics include:

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